Low carbon vehicles too be bigger than renewable energy

Electric Car Market Low carbon vehicles will be a bigger market than renewable energy by 2020 according to an HSBC report. The report predicts that some 8.65m electric vehicles and 9.23m plug-in and hybrid electric vehicles will be sold globally by 2020. That will make the market worth $677 (£440bn) a year in 2020. This […]

Electric Car Road Trips

Electric car tours Under the banner of ‘Welsh Road Trips’ a group of accommodation providers in Mid Wales have joined together to offer tailored driving tours with luxury accommodation in the stunning Welsh countryside. What does this have to do with electric vehicles you say? Well, they got in touch with us to explain. Uniquely, […]

Electric Car Hire in the Lake District

Electric Car Hire Langdale Leisure in the Lake District offers guests an extremely affordable way to try out the Renault Twizy electric car without any sales pressure. Guests can explore the Lake District in a cleaner, greener, fun way by taking out one of two Renault Twizy’s offered for hire by the estate. The cars […]

When London Olympics went electric

Electric vehicles at the Olympics The 2012 Olympic Games in London had 120 GE Energy’s DuraStation electric vehicle charging points installed as part of the regeneration of the East End and the 2012 vision for a sustainable Olympics and Paralympics. ChargePoint Services Ltd (CPS) will supply and install the stations as well as provide on-going […]

Onboard Ferry Electric Car Charging

This is a joint venture with ESB ecars and Irish Ferries. This means you can travel between Britain and France with your electric vehicle or hybrid car. The charging points are POD Point Workplace units. These offer the latest Mode 3 charging technology which can charge up to 2.5 times faster than by plugging in […]

The eTap Electric Car Charging Solution

New charging infrastructure Transport Minister Norman Baker is to open the first eTap on the 6th July at CEME in Rainham. No, not Etap the budget continental hotel chain, but eTap. An electric car charging system that combines solar panels with the charging points. The eTap (electricity on tap) is 45 solar panels. These earn […]

Try the Smart Electric Car

New Electric Car – If you can get yourself down to London today before 8pm you have a chance to try the new Smart Electric Car which was officially  released in the UK back in 2012. This is part of the Smart Urban Stage, a temporary exhibition which asks the question ‘What will the future […]

Your electric car battery could store excess energy

Technology under development New Scientist has reported  that the new generation electric cars have way more capacity in their batteries than they typically use. A standard urban range of an electric car is around 20-30 miles, yet the battery has the potential to store a 100 mile charge. Several research groups in the US and […]

Renewably Powered Charging Network

ChargePoint Services bring their charge point management system, network management software and solar panel technology to the charge points. The solar panel which is integral to the unit can generate additional electricity to power the charge point. The software controls the network with a database of all registered users, authentication and usage recording. Fairly standard […]

Electric Scooters

The TP Scoot can certainly help you save hundreds of pounds on petrol, as well as enjoying zero rated road tax, low insurance and congestion zone exemption in London. It is compact for storage in an office corner or reception. The TP Scoot is a fully TUV certified, electric urban vehicle, with a range of […]