Electric car charging schemes

Electric car charging schemes are springing up across the UK in response to the rapid growth in charging points within UK cities. These are public or privately run charging networks, where for a small subscription, you get access to a network of charging points (usually through a special electronic tag which gives you access to the charging posts) plus a range of perks (charging cable, free parking in certain areas, points etc) but you do pay for the electricity you use. There are only a few networks at the moment and only the London one really offers comprehensive coverage of the city but this is changing.

Cambridge Electric Car Charging Scheme

You must register to use recharging points in Cambridge. Chargemaster Plc is the operator of the Cambridge charging system. The recharging points are accessed by using an electronic tag. A high visibility charging cable can also be provided if required. To join the recharging scheme and to receive an electronic tag as well as full information about the recharging points contact Chargemaster on 0845 528 0289 or go to the website. Cambridge City Council in conjunction with Marshall Motor Group have installed electric car recharging points in two of the city centre multi-storey car parks: Recharging your car for up to three hours is free although the usual car parking fee must still be paid, in addition to your registration. The Council also ask that you please move your vehicle to a normal parking bay after the three hour recharging period. CABLED - Coventry And Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators Project CABLED is a project to promote low emissions technology specifically in Coventry and Birmingham. One component of the project is a network of electric car charging points between the cities. A number of individuals and organisations signed up to the project get access to the charging points automatically. However, members of the public can also apply for an access key to use the 36 public charging points (the locations of which are detailed on our charging points pages). For a current application fee of £25 which covers the cost of the electronic tag key you get access to the charging points. Initially, the electricity is also provided free of charge, however this is subject to review and we would think this is likely to change although it will still be considerably cheaper than conventional fuel.

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