Electric Car Filling Stations?

Is this the birth of ‘petrol’ stations for electric cars? The first public trial of a system that ‘refills’ electric cars in minutes was first  launched  in Better Place a Californian company which has tested its automated battery-swap stations in Tokyo. As we know one of the biggest challenges to the large-scale implementation of electric […]

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

So what to Mitsubishi say about the i-MiEV…… « A green, sustainable lifestyle is on the horizon. i-MiEV takes you there. » Whilst having been tested in the UK in 2009,  with electric car trials by the police and west midlands council, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is now on sale to the general public. Mitsubishi are working with […]

Peugeot iOn

The Peugeot iOn is the same base vehicle as the i-MiEV which has  been rebranded by Peugeot.  Citroen have done exaclty the same with their offering the C-Zero. At a stroke Peugeot/Citroen have got themselves one of the best of the first generation electric cars and the UK has the triumvirate of the i-MiEV / iOn / C-Zero. […]

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has been named as Car of the Year 2011. The first 100% electric vehicle to do so which is no mean feat. Undoubetedly this has been influenced by its ‘green’ credentials and a desire from the judges to be promoting more sustainable transport however as opposed to it really being a much […]

Vauxhall Ampera

The Vauxhall Ampera is General Motors European version of the popular Chevrolet Volt. Delivered under the Opel brand. It won Car of the Year 2012 but it is in fact a hybrid and not a true electric vehicle as it still has a petrol engine. This is what is termed in the industry as an […]

Nissan Leaf in the UK

Car charging is as standard – an ordinary 3 pin plug socket or street charging point. Interestingly unlike other electric cars with the charging socket essentially where the petrol cap would usually be, the Nissan Leaf charges through a cap in the centre of the bonnet. A single charge should take you around 100 miles […]

Tazzari Zero

The Tazzari Zero is a compact two-seat vehicle. Similar to the G-Wiz L-ion the Zero is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This gives the car a range (between charges) of around 140km or about 87 miles. The car has an electronically capped top speed of around 100 km/h (62mph) with acceleration from zero to 50km/h (31mph) […]

The politics of electric cars

In  the UK, cars and light vans account for around 16% of CO2 emmissions, with the figure being around 12% for the EU as a whole (2008 figures).  However, the oil based car industry is so engrained into our society and economics that the electric car and wider electric vehicle (EV) revolution must be given […]


Unlike other manufacturers who have designed and built dedicated electric vehicles, BMW have taken a tried and tested icon of the motoring world – the MINI and have made an electric version. It’s quite possible you could have seen one of these little dark grey Mini’s out and about if you live in the south […]

Quiet Car 2

Another imaginatively named car from Quiet – the Quiet Car 2! Underneath the weird name lies one of the good options for those searching for a semi-affordable slightly bigger electric car. The Quiet Car 2 is based on a conventionaly petrol car and is a 5 door hatchback making it ideal for city commutes, shopping, […]