Electric Car Road Trips

Published on : 26 June 20202 min reading time

Under the banner of ‘Welsh Road Trips’ a group of accommodation providers in Mid Wales have joined together to offer tailored driving tours with luxury accommodation in the stunning Welsh countryside.

What does this have to do with electric vehicles you say? Well, they got in touch with us to explain. Uniquely, in addition to standard cars, the WRT caters specifically for electric vehicles by providing full fast charging facilities at each of the three accommodation locations. In fact, the providers are keen to actively promote ‘greener’ travel in and around the beautiful countryside of mid Wales.

The Lasswade Hotel, Old Vicarage and Westview Guesthouse have installed modern charging stations (32A and 13A) to encompass the full range of electric vehicles, alowing you to charge anything from a Tesla Supercar to a modest electric bike. They can help you plan suitable itineries, supply maps and generally give advice on how best to tour in your electric vehicle. A key rationale is to show that electric vehicles are not just for cities but that with the right infrastructure and information you can enjoy an emissions free tour through rural Wales. Your reward for being green is charging for free when you stay at the accommodation.

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