Citroen Evie

To create the ev’ie, Citroen have taken the established C1 model and added a battery with help from the Electric Car Company (ECC) based in the UK to create a new electric car. This was launched onto the streets of…

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Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster represents a massive break-through in electric vehicle achievements. Not only is it a great electric car… its a great car, full stop! The acceleration in the Roadster is such that with the foot to the floor you…

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Electric Car Technology

The principles behind electric cars are pretty straightforward – your car has a battery, you charge it up, the battery powers the car…. simple as that! However, slightly more detail might be useful. As with most things, the best place…

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Transfer from London City Airport

London City Airport (LCY) is the closest to the city centre. It is the fifth busiest airport in London. It is only 10 kilometres east of the city centre. He has a terminal and a runway. Most flights are for…

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