How to maintain your engine in winter?

Engine maintenance, when not done before or during the winter, puts cars to the test between cold, frost, and snow. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to carry out this check to prolong their life and ensure the safety of the driver. It can never be said enough, winter is an extremely harsh season for motorists and their vehicles, and it is advisable to follow a few tips in order to spend this season in the best possible conditions.

Frequently check the condition of the engine block

The regular inspection of the general condition of your car and especially engine maintenance, as recommended on specialized sites such as Autodistribution, prevent frequent breakdowns. Of course, importance must be given to the engine, which is very much affected by weather conditions and falling temperatures. In fact, to start with, you should think about regularly checking all the engine levels. Oil, coolant and windshield washer fluid are all necessary for a car to run smoothly. Mechanical problems can occur because of a drastic drop in any of these liquids. It is therefore essential, when servicing an engine, to ensure that these levels are at their maximum. It is also a good idea to carry extra coolant and windshield washer fluid with you so that you are prepared for any eventuality. In addition, the battery is an indispensable part of the engine block, since without it the vehicle will not start. Winter is a season in which batteries tend to discharge faster. Frequent inspection of the battery charge and the terminals, especially during engine maintenance, will prevent any unpleasant surprises in this respect. However, it should not be ignored that a small loosening and excessive oxidation can lead to charging problems.

Plan an overhaul for engine maintenance

Winter is a time when the car's resistance is tested, and it would be better to invest a few dozen euros to avoid paying dearly for a mechanical problem later on. A general overhaul of the car is often necessary before the winter season. If it is not necessary, it is at least necessary to carry out engine maintenance and consult the vital points or points to be checked before braving this time: the spare wheel, the braking system, the state of the battery, the wear of the tyres. These different levels of control are central to the driver's safety. However, depending on the circumstances, the overhaul may extend to the engine oil change, lights and bulbs, checking the transaxle assembly, the air conditioning filter and recharging, the electronic box, tyre wear. This is the place to specify that it is recommended to use a specialist for pre-driving checks in winter. Furthermore, the cost of an overhaul and any engine maintenance is dependent on the location of the operation. Auto centres offer auto parts and overhaul services at very affordable prices. However, you should take the time to appreciate the quotes so as not to waste money. You should also think about checking whether the package involves cash and what points will be considered. There's nothing to worry about, because you can do the revision of your car yourself and several major car parts stores offer attractive rates.

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