Would you switch to an electric car?

The debate is whether you would switch to an electric car or not? The usual supects were raised with regards disadvantages:
  • Limited range and options for charging electric cars
  • The lack of performance compared to regular vehicles
And our favourite 'elephant in the corner' - how the electricity used to power electric vehicles is generated in the first place. At the moment this is still predominantly fossil-fuel generated and therefore doesn't solve the emissions problem. The powering of electric vehicles is not specifically environmentally friendly, although, generally their manfucature does look at better practice e.g. recyclable materials and once you are running them, they are significantly better than a regular car. As always the solution will be a combination of things, the biggest step forward will be the generation of electricity through renewable (non fossil-fuel) technologies but to ensure uptake we need the provision of a nationally accessible recharging infrastructure. The upgarding of fleet cars in Councils, businesses, police forces etc to electric vehicle fleets will also play a key role.

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