When Little Chef went Electric

Little Chef are rolling out electric vehicle charging points at their restaurants across the UK. A first for any restaurant chain worldwide it is claimed. The project is in partnership with SSE and Chargemaster Plc. The planned roll out will see the installlation of 29 charging points in various restaurant car parks with another 62 were installed in springĀ  2012. The aim is that every Little Chef will have an EV charging point by the end of 2012. This announcement takes into account the recent 'restructuring' that has seen some 60+ restaurants closed. The new facilities will allow fast charging of up to 7 kW. Similar to other companies, Little Chef have cottoned on the fact that they can perhaps encourage diners to stop and eat at their restaurants by providing free charging while you dine. So you can have your cherry pie filling pancake, lollipop and a fully charged car battery all in one go!

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