What you need to know about the car registration document

Published on : 22 January 20203 min reading time

The number of private websites set up to make it easier for individuals to obtain their vehicle registration papers has increased. Users can quickly and easily complete the formalities to obtain their document on time. Nevertheless, we advise you to respect these few rules that will allow you to be even more efficient in publishing your vehicle registration document online.

Before connecting

The car registration news is rather positive for the private sector: indeed, as the official government website is struggling to send the car registration cards within the allotted time, many Internet users are turning to private websites approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Indeed, these sites offer two major advantages for a very small fee charged to users:

– Ease of use with ergonomic, didactic and pleasant access sites.

– Guaranteed speed of dispatch (commitment to a 24-hour turnaround time for most sites).

By going through the démarchescartegrise.com website, Internet users are sure to receive their vehicle’s papers on time.

To do this, a few very simple rules must be respected.

Before you connect, remember to gather the documents that will be essential for the realization of your car registration.

You will need to scan and download a certain number of documents from the site. Remember to bring a scanned photo of an identity document, proof of address and the registration papers of your previous vehicle if you already have one.

The documents must of course always be up to date; they must be perfectly legible and photographed on both sides.

Beware, poorly scanned or forgotten documents are the first cause of car registration documents not being received; the best organised sites send stunned users a reminder e-mail, but not all of them offer this customer service and users sometimes wait for long periods for a forgotten document.

During your connection

You will be guided in your steps by the site, which will first of all make you estimate the value of your tax according to various criteria related to your vehicle.

You will then be asked to pay the value of the tax.

Then you will fill in a certain number of criteria that will allow you to create an account.

The CERFAs and other administrative documents will then be automatically filled in.

Average length of the process? Around twenty minutes.

After your connection

If you do not receive your registration card within three days, do not hesitate to contact the customer service department on your site; the advisers will normally be able to provide you with information and explain if there is something blocking your file.

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