Car rental between private individuals at the airports of France

If, when you arrive at an airport, you want to rent a car without going through the traditional actors, you should know that there are applications and websites that offer you to find a car rental between private individuals such as for example the case of How does it work?  How to find a vehicle? We explain everything.

Car sharing, the reasons for success

For a few years now, car rental between private individuals has attracted a large number of French people. This concept, which is both economic and ecological, makes it possible to share a vehicle, an ideal solution for people who only need it occasionally and for owners who want to make their car profitable while they are not using it. Nowadays, car sharing is totally democratized and is everywhere. In the big cities, in the countryside, in train stations and airports, car rental between private individuals has become simple. Of course, let's not fool ourselves, the main reason car-sharing is attractive is because of its cost. Indeed, it is lower than that practiced by professional car rental companies. On the other hand, the offer being less important, it can be more difficult to find the vehicle adapted to one's needs.

Renting a car between individuals at the airport

Many times you need to rent a car when you get off the plane. If you don't like the traditional car rental companies, we can offer you an alternative. Indeed, thanks to our car rental module, we also offer you the possibility to opt for car sharing. You'll see, it's quick and easy. To better understand, we will take a concrete example. You take a plane from Paris to Lille for example. When you arrive, you want to find a private individual who wants to rent you a car.  All you have to do is click on the "car rental" tab and then choose the destination, the date and time of arrival and the date and time you wish to return the vehicle. The application will perform the search for you. All you have to do is filter the results to find only car-sharing providers. For example, you can find a 4-5 door economy car from 30 pounds. If you choose a traditional car rental provider, the lowest offer is 35 pounds. Indeed, if we multiply the difference by the number of days, we can see that car rental between individuals is really economical, depending on the destination.

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