The trending of car rental between private individuals

Car rental between individuals is in fashion today. Numerous start-ups are launching themselves into the sector. And is no exception. This car rental takes stock of the advantages and disadvantages of this new method of car hire.

What does an owner gain from renting a car?

It is true that it is tempting to rent a car when you don't use it much. It is the opportunity to earn extra income. As a private owner, however, don't expect to hit the jackpot. Margins are still minimal and the revenues that these start-ups boast are much lower in the end.

Price of car rental between private individuals

The offers are multiple, on average, the first price oscillates around 20€ per day. Logically, the vehicle belongs to its owner; you will have to pick up your car all over the island. Some private car rental companies go a long way to make the process easier for you. The meeting place is not fixed, unlike professional rental agencies. The difference in price is often minimal between professional and private hire companies. Between promotional offers, wide choice of vehicles and options, the professional car rental company adapts to your needs, the private individual to his everyday life. The best solution is to compare prices to get your own idea. There is a random quality control according to the private hire company, obligatory for professionals. What about quality control? Internet sites for car rental between private individuals rely on the personal car fleet. Thus, you face a random quality control. The fleet of vehicles is recent, and the controls are systematic and regular, carried out by professionals.

Peer-to-peer, a fast and economical turnkey offer

At many car rental websites and applications, if you make your reservation online, you will get up to 30% discount. Moreover, the numerous offers allow you to choose your turnkey rental according to your needs.

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