The best hybrid cars

Let's start with almost legendary by keeping the Toyota Prius. This model was probably the first fully functional hybrid car that was mass-produced and available to the public. Don't confuse it with the first one, there were hybrids before it, but none of them managed to reach the level of performance that would not only compare to normal cars, but even surpass them. Prius done and now there are a couple of 2013 versions to choose from. A little bit of everything for everyone. It's standard Prius from Toyota, which is overall a very good hybrid sedan. In fact, it was voted as the best family sedan in 2013. It's a really good feature to accomplish at times like this, when sedans are becoming a little less and less popular. And it's important to add that it also remains very spacious. If you're looking for something smaller try 2013 Toyota Prius c which is a compact version of this car. Although it's not as powerful as the other versions, it wins in the fuel efficiency department. It is also the smallest of all Prius cars. That's what you go to Prius if you want something smart and ultra-flat. Do you need a lot more space? No problem, there's also the remarkable Toyota Prius V with its roomy passenger and cargo area. If you have a large family, and you can't travel light, this is your choice. And the fuel economy is always right, even if it's worse than in the smaller versions of Prius. All in all, Toyota continues in its traditional Toyota Prius 2de reliable hybrid release with decent performance and high fuel efficiency. However, they all have very distinct shapes that not everyone likes. But what price is a manufacturer having to pay if he wants a car that looks different than others. If you're not a Toyota Prius or fan, don't worry, there are other great hybrids out there for you. For example, Hyundai Sonata hybrid. The first thing you'll notice about this sedan is certainly what it looks like. It's quite clever and futuristic, although without crossing borders. The result should satisfy everyone who prefers aerodynamics and rounded shapes. Another thing that will catch your attention is the interior. The quality of the materials used is very good and the systems are easy to use. However, the fuel efficiency display is a bit annoying, so make sure it doesn't bother you before you decide to buy. Otherwise, driving this car would not only be dangerous but also unpleasant. In addition, fuel efficiency is slightly worse than that of its major rivals. But make no mistake, 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid as a high-quality Hyundai sonata hybrid car is still a very solid purchase. It's just that no one is positively surprised by something good, but no one wants to discover some weak car after the purchase. There are of course many other hybrid car qualities, but you certainly can't go wrong when buying one of them. It's almost a matter of choosing one of you as the most and not having to worry about the rest. And you won't have to worry about gas bills or protecting your environment either.

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