Sakura Maranello4

The Sakura Maranello4 is a small and quite stylish electric car well suited for city driving. sakura Maranello Note this car is classed as a quadricycle (as for the G-wiz) which comes with the usual caveats about not being fully crash tested or suitable for anything but slow-speed city driving. Sakura is infact an electric battery company based in London who sell electric bikes and scooters as well as this Italian made electric car. They are the retailers for the Maranello4 which is actually made by EFFIDI Automotive Group who are an Italian company. The Maranello4 has most of the features you'ld expect from a car plus a fairly innovative way of improving the range of the vehicle - the heater actually runs off a small diesel tank instead of off the battery. At first this seems slightly odd and surely against the grain of an electric car's design principles. However, at a time when the technology is still limited and range of these cars is limited, using ideas such as this make the difference between a functional car that can get you to work and back and one that'll die in the traffic! The Maranello4 is small - at just over 2.5 metres in length and 1.5metres wide you'll be able to squeeze it in a space recently vacated by a G-Wiz... something that might even catch on in the market-place too! It is definitely at the bottom end of the range in terms of performance but it doesn't try to be something it's not. There are plans for a hybrid diesel/eectric version if you are looking for a longer range and higher top speed (250 miles and 50mph). Sakura Maranello4 - Top Trumps Stats Manufacturer: Sakura Availability: Now Top Speed: 30 Acceleration: Range (max): 45

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