Oz to go electric

Charge your vehicle cheaply at the local shopping centre or when you get home where an intelligent system installed in your garage will wait until off-peak times before charging up your car batteries. Cheaper for you and less strain on the electricity grid. These are the new electric car plans in Australia, potentially coming to Brisbane within a few years. These issues and more will be discussed today as Australia hosts it's first Electric Vehicle Conference. It is expected that all the major car manufacturers will release electric and hybrid vehicles, in conjunction with new fast charge service stations and the home garage systems. The Australians are well on the way understanding the significant environmental and economic benefits of electric cars. It is reported that the average Australian car costs around $10 to drive 100km. An electric vehicle cost for the same distance is estimated at $2. Dr Andrew Simpson - Curtin University research fellow and electric car expert says - "Every single car company in the world has announced that they will be bringing out an electric vehicle to market within about three years". This will be needed to meet growing public interest. As in the UK and across the globe, cars will initially be more expensive than a standard petrol or diesel car but the assumption is demand will drive the cost down to comparable levels. At the moment a key contender in Australia is Mitsubishi although their current electric car model hits the not so attractive $60,000 in Oz. Dr Simpson thinks although we will always need the combustion engine in some form but it's domination will end. It's good to see Australia getting their teeth into this issue. They are one of the countries predicted to suffer worst due to the effects of climate change. We could probably learn a thing or two here in the UK where the issue has been trundling along for a lot more time. In a few years Australia sound like they are going to move fast and be on a par, let's hope mnaufacturers help this happen and lets get some of those home recharging systems across the UK. An intelligent system in your garage....if only it could do the gardening too?!!

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