The Reva G-Wiz is currently leading the pack in terms of electric cars in the UK. It is technically classed as a quadricycle and is only designed for driving at slow speeds in cities. Much as I despise Jeremy Clarkson I couldn't help but chuckle when I read what he'd said about the G-Wiz's top speed or lack of it: "Its like walking... only less comfortable". A high performance, speed car the G-Wiz ain't. We can't find an acceleration figure which probably says it all. Let's say 0 to the top speed of 50mph will probably take a good 20secs! The G-Wiz is manufactured in India by the Reva Electric Car Company and in the UK it is imported and sold by 'GoinGreen'. They are primarily only currently a realistic option within London as that is the only place with any sort of charging and servicing infrastructure. However, this is likely to begin to change over the coming few years and for super-keen environmentalists looking for a small, slow, and reasonably affordable electric car, perhaps the G-wiz is the way forwards. The G-wiz was first brought to London in 2004 as a DC (direct current) electric car. It has been through a number of increasingly efficient and safety conscious incarnation since then resulting in the current model which is technically the G-Wiz-i. Although the G-wiz claims to be capable of 50mph, this car would actually feel fairly unsuitable for that speed which is fine as driving in London there are few opportunities to go faster than 20mph. The range of the G-wiz should be enough for most city commuters. There is now an option to upgrade to Lithium-ion batteries which significantly increases the range - see the G-Wiz L-ion. The previous G-wiz models raised lots of safety concerns, so with the G-wiz-i they've tackled this head-on (literally) and crash tested it successfully at 25mph. G-wiz They claim that the cost of charging the G-wiz from the mains for a year is roughly equivalent to one tank of petrol - hard to argue with that! No doubt the G-wiz will continue to be an electric car London icon for some time to come! Models: G-Wiz-i G-Wiz - Top Trumps Stats Manufacturer: Reva Electric Car Company Availability: Now Top Speed: 51 Acceleration: Range (max): 48 Max Charge Time:

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