The battery of the Ford electric vehicle

Anyone who has been watching the car industry over the last few years will know that the Ford Motor Company is undergoing big changes in the way it does business and that means the types of cars it manufactures and sells. The proposed car is based on the extremely popular Focus model and will be known as the Focus BEV(battery electric vehicle). Alongside the Transit Connect and the Focus BEV, Ford is also looking at a next generation hybrid vehicle and a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). This sees a strong move by Ford away from it's focus as a builder of large trucks and sport/utility vehicles in the US to a maker ofcompact, efficient cars along the lines of it's European range. The Focus BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is on trial in the UK now but it is not clear when it could be available to buy. It will have a range of up 75 miles and a top speed of 85mph. Charging the batteries will take between six and eight hours. Ford have also released an electric Focus ST in America. It uses almost the same power as the standard BEV and is considered one of the best-looking electric cars yet. ford-BEV

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