Using electric Cars for the countryside commute?

Many commuters live outwith cities such as London. Houses generally cost less, the country environment appeals to many etc. In addition, many workers do not drive all the way into the city every day, rather they base themselves within easy distance of a good rail connection.

How about marketing electric cars as station cars for country dwellers?

It's a great point. As he says, you drive a few miles to the train station and back each day. Generally this will easily be within the electric cars more limited range (average for current models is around 60 miles). You can then charge the car overnight at home. You don't need a network of charging points and it doesn't matter if it takes 8 hours to charge. Obviously, some of the same problems arise in this instance as for electric cars in general. The big one being the price . For such a commute, a small ordinary car or even a bike would be infinitely cheaper (at least to buy). However, taking the long view and considering running costs an electric car could easily fill this role.

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