Electric car insurance

Insuring electric cars and electric vans can be slightly less straightforward than insuring a conventional car. However, there are increasing numbers of insurance companies who are offering excellent policies to electric car owners. In some cases your electric car may even qualify you for a discount.

Insuring an Electric Car in the UK

At the moment we are waiting to hear about UK companies who are particularly good for insuring electric cars. Most of the usual suspects now appear to offer car insurance for your electric vehicle, however, we are keen to know who is good?

The Finances of owning an Electric Car in the UK

Over and above the environmental issues which should be reason enough, there are some good financial benefits to be owning an electric car in the UK. You don’t have to pay the Congestion Charge in London and parking is free in a number of areas. Electric cars (and some low emission vehicles) are also exempt from road tax. As with all things, there are a few downsides which it is worth considering. Finding someone to repair your electric car will be harder than for an ordinary car just because it is still a specialist area. Charging your electric car when out on the road is also an issue. These aspects are both improving significantly though, in particular in the main cities and especially within London where there really is no reason to still own an expensive, polluting, noisy petrol or diesel car.

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