Electric car comparisons

The following table provides an at a glance comparison of electric cars available in the UK. Please Note: some of these electric cars are available now, some have been withdrawn and others will be made available in the UK over the next few years (see UK Availability Column). The electric car market is moving rapidly and as such have also started to include Extended Range Electric Vehicles (E-REVs). These are not pure electric vehicles but hybrids which combine batteires with conventional fuel sources e.g the Vauxhall Ampera. While there is definitely a strong element of competition, new models add to the growing market which is just starting to offer a bit of consumer choice. From the family electric car (Nissan Leaf), small urban runabout (Mega City) and commercial vans (ZeVan) to the performance sportscar (Roadster). We love them all but we realise you might want to compare them. In the table below you can see how current electric cars compare (it's alphabetical by default but you can also filter the columns how you like). electric-cars-comparison

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