Earning money through renting your private car!

You have a car and you want to make the most of it while you're away rather than letting it park? Based on the collaborative economy, car rental platforms between individuals have emerged. For its simplicity, https://uk.getaround.com is the example par excellence. Available in some fifty countries, including Montreal, for its low-cost parking space rental near airports, its interest is mainly in the possibility of renting a car during your trip. For the moment, this is possible in France and in the USA and other destinations are to come. In addition to allowing the owner to earn money with his car while he is away, it also saves airport parking fees, which is often a big expense. I was just talking about it in a recent post about how to save on airport parking fees. By the way, if you want to rent a car with them, I have a coupon code that will give you a 10% discount on your rental price. Just enter the promotion code when you book online. I did not find its equivalent in Quebec. If you know of a similar platform, let me know. On the other hand, I know that there is a company that has recently developed a similar system for loans between people, but I'm not really familiar with how it works. But to my knowledge, it only allows you to have an income, without saving on parking fees at the airport.

Have you ever heard of the concept of the collaborative economy?

The collaborative economy or "sharing economy" is an increasingly popular phenomenon around the world. On the margins of the traditional capitalist system, it is based on putting the use of something you own on the market. Car, housing, parking space, travel equipment, tools, etc., are all part of this phenomenon. There are many possibilities and the initiatives that are emerging are highly original. The tourism sector is no exception. I keep telling you that you don't have to be rich to travel. I would even say that this is increasingly true today, with all the possibilities of being able to reduce the cost of a trip and even earn money while you are away by renting your possessions such as your apartment and your car. There are many good examples of this concept of the apartment rental platforms.

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