Driver’s licence translation: find a specialist online

There are currently hundreds of thousands of translators. Some work as company staff, some as consultants and some as freelancers. They can easily be found online through freelance work platforms. But can any translation be entrusted to an online translator? What about official documents such as a driver's license, for example? Can we entrust their translation to any online translator?

Sworn translation

The expression consists of two major words: "translation" and "sworn". What is a translation? A translation is the action of transforming a text from one language to another, while keeping the context, ideas and emotions. Therefore, the role of a translator is mainly to transform a text from the source language to the target language. In order to do this, he or she is required to master both the source and target languages, whether in terms of grammar, vocabulary, or syntax. But it is also important to know the culture of the people who speak these two languages. Thus, he will be able to know the ways of speaking, the metaphors, the proverbs, etc. of each language, and therefore he will be able to treat any text with a different theme and a different context wisely. Now we will explore the word "sworn". A sworn translator is bound by an oath he or she has taken at the Court of Appeal. By this oath, he or she has committed to give of his or her time and skills in the service of justice. He or she will be responsible for the certified translation of official documents on behalf of the Court. A sworn translator can have two different jobs. One job he or she will perform for the judiciary as a freelance auxiliary, and another job as a specialist in sworn translations for private individuals. For a driving licence translation, for example, find a specialist service provider online at

Attributes of a sworn translator

With his double responsibility, what are the attributes of a sworn translator? First, he or she has responsibilities towards the Court. At any time, members of the public administration and legal professionals can call on him or her to translate legal documents and official documents. He may, for example, be a lawyer, bailiff or notary who needs official documents translated into other languages in the course of their work. However, a sworn translator can also work as a freelancer to work for private individuals. They translate all kinds of official documents: driving licences, civil status certificates, various certificates, diplomas, criminal records, passports, wills, pay slips, company articles of association, and many others. Many translators can translate such documents, but only sworn translators can provide certified translations.

Find a sworn translator online

When you have an official document to be translated, such as a driver's license to be translated into another language, how do you find a specialized sworn translator? In order not to get ripped off, it is essential to find the right addresses of reliable and trustworthy translators. The question to be asked is whether the translator claiming to be a sworn translator can provide a certified translation. If not, the translation will not be accepted as an official document. For example, if you wish to exchange a licence in one language for one in another language, you will have to provide a certified translation. If you provide an uncertified translated driver's licence, it will not be accepted by the administrative services under any circumstances. You can always consult reliable platforms such as In addition, you can also consult the list of all sworn translators admitted as legal experts on the website of the Court of Cassation.

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