Citroen Electric Cars

Citroen have been making cars since 1919 and this French company were the first to mass produce cars outside of the USA. Utilising many years of experience in the automotive industry they have branched into the electric car market with their electric version of the popular Citroen C1, the new Citroen Ev'ie. In contrast to approach and look other companies have taken to electric cars (small, slightly odd looking and slow or high performance but with a pricetag to match), Citroen have taken a tried and tested model 'normal' car and simply made it electric. The Citroen ev'ie is converted to battery power and retailed in the UK by the Electric Car Corporation and was launched in April 2009.

Citroen Evie

To create the Ev'ie, the Electric Car Company based in the UK in collaboration with Citroen have taken an 'ordinary' C1 and added a battery! This was launched onto the streets of London in April 2009. The Ev'ie looks like a regular car because, on the outside (and much of the inside),

Citroen C-Zero

Citroen have launched another electric vehicle in Europe, this sits alongside the Citroen Evie. The Citroen C-Zero may look familiar as it is a rebranded Mitsubishi i-MiEV. It is exactly the same base vehicle used for the Peugeot iOn.

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