1 in 5 would consider an Electric Car

Published on : 29 June 20201 min reading time

UK market – according to a recent survey by one of the big insurance firms one in five motorists in the UK would now consider buying an electric car. This is linked directly to the plans announced by the new Coalition Government to offer grants to those who wish to purchase an electric vehicle.

The results come from a survey of 1,200 customers which found that 19% would consider purchasing a greener vehicle under the proposed scheme. Obviously this is a small sample and ‘consider’ is quite different from ‘would buy’ but interesting nonetheless.

From January 2011, under the new uk electric car scheme any motorist buying a new generation electric car or ultra low carbon hybrid will get 25% off, up to a maximum of £5,000.

There are all the benefits of owning an electric car which include reduced carbon emissions and a much lower rate of car tax. However, electric cars are obviously not as common as mainstream cars and can have difficult-to-replace parts. This may also impact on insurance premiums. For a detailed weighing up of the ins and outs see our electric car pros and cons section.

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