The ZeVanĀ® is the commercial offering from Stevens. It is based on the same design as Zecar, in fact, the 2 look incredibly similar. The Ze concept perhaps works better as an electric van from a looks point of view. The ZeVan offers some interesting potential at the compact end of the commercial vehicle market and like the ZeCar has the same strong environmental basis for it's whole design, manufacture and delivery. zevan_mainshot The ZeVan is based around a design for a low cost and low environmental impact electric vehicle taking into account the full life cycle of the van - from well to wheel. Exactly the same as the ZeCar, there are few components and minimal complexity and this minimises the environmental footprint of the ZeVan. As with the ZeCar, the ZeVan emits half as much CO2 as the best petrol and diesel vehicles over their lifetime. This assumes electric power is sourced from fossil fuel generation. If the fuel source is renewable then beyond manufacture, running repairs and ultimate disposal the carbon footprint of the ZeVan is extremely low. ZeVan specification: 3 metres long, 1.76 metre high, 1.5 metres wide Pay load: upto 450kg Cube design maximising usable space at 1.8m3 Load bay sized for CHEPs and Euro Pallet Twin-split rear door access There is no doubt that this is a small commercial van, however with the same running perks as the ZeCar (less than 2p a mile, free parking and no congestion charge in London, no road tax and 100% corporation tax write-off). If you are a city based company or individual with small but frequent carrying needs this could be the ideal vehicle for you. The ZeVan is big enough to take CHEPS and Euro pallets and handles up to 450kg payload. The Zevan is good for the environment, good for your pocket and makes for great company PR. zevan ZeVan - Top Trumps Stats Manufacturer: Stevens Availability: Now Top Speed: 56 Acceleration: 0-40mph in 15secs Range (max): 100

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