The ZeCarĀ® is titled as 'a great city run about'. It is one of the larger electric cars available with five doors and seating for up to five with space for luggage or shopping. It is not one of the prettier electric cars available it must be said but it is a good effort by a UK-based company which has a really strong environmental drive behind the whole design and delivery. Stevens have a sister vehicle based on the same design - the ZeVan. zecar_backshot The ZeCar is fundamentally based around a design for a low cost and low environmental impact electric vehicle taking into account the full life cycle of the car - from well to wheel. There are few components and minimal complexity in the ZeCar, using existing proven components and technologies as much as possible. Overall, this ethos minimises the environmental footprint of the ZeCar. This is in direct comparison to some very complex hybrid solutions. Also, the cars are designed and manufactured in the UK so close to their key market which has to be good for the environment. Combining the light weight of the Zecar with the overall design means it emits half as much CO2 as the best petrol and diesel vehicles over their lifetime and this is assuming telectric power is sourced from fossil fuel generation. If the fuel source is renewable then beyond manufacture, running repairs and ultimate disposal the carbon footprint of the ZeCar is extremely low. zecar_car_doors_open One of the main downsides of the ZeCar would have to be performance in terms of acceleration. 0-40mph in 15secs! You're not going to be racing away at traffic lights but that's not the purpose of this electric car.

Additional statistics

Less than 2p a mile. Free parking in London No congestion charge No road tax 100% corporation tax write off ZeCar - Top Trumps Stats Manufacturer: Stevens Availability: Now Top Speed: 56 Acceleration: 0-40mph in 15secs Range (max): 100

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