What kind of insurance to choose for a non-licence car?

Many drivers adopt a sedan without a licence because of its simplicity. From now on, it is possible to take out an insurance policy adapted for this small car. However, it is still essential to know the particularities of the insurance contract for a car without a licence in order to be able to meet the required conditions.

What is a vehicle without a licence?

The unlicensed vehicle is a small car. The weight of this small car is less than 350 KG. The special feature of this vehicle is that it has a cubic capacity of 50 m3. Its maximum speed does not exceed 45 km/h. In order to use a small car, it is necessary to have a road safety certificate in case the driver without a licence was born after 1988. In general, it is possible for a young person over 16 years of age to drive this cart. However, they must decide to obtain a road safety certificate. Then, a driver may acquire and use a cart even though he or she does not have a driver's licence. However, he or she cannot register this small vehicle. It is only possible that the owner has permission to have it insured. According to the decree n n°2017-1278, it is essential to have an appropriate driving licence according to the category of cart in order to have a registration certificate. In order to take out a car insurance contract to insure a cart, the owner is obliged to put the car registration card or the registration certificate in the name of a third party. This document is important to materialize the authorization. From now on, for a vehicle without a licence, it is enough for a driver to have a road safety certificate to conclude a car insurance contract. Just go to www.assurance-voitures-sans-permis.com for more information.

Why choose car insurance without a licence?

As far as car insurance is concerned, a sedan without a license must meet the same regulations as conventional vehicles. An unlicensed small car must be covered for third party liability like a vehicle on the public highway. This guarantee makes it possible to compensate the damage caused to the third party. But this cover does not compensate the owner of the cart. He has to choose additional offers if he wants to be compensated in case of damage. If he does not take out adequate insurance, he may face serious penalties. He may be subject to a prison sentence. An uninsured vehicle can be removed by the municipal police. However, it is convenient and easy to take out unlicensed vehicle insurance on the Internet when the driver obtains a road safety certificate. Specialized insurance organizations can provide coverage tailored to unlicensed cars. This category of vehicles is not likely to cause accidents since it has only a low power and very limited speed. So, a driver can easily find an interesting insurance contract for his or her unlicensed vehicle. However, in order to choose accessible offers, it is necessary to use a car insurance comparator.

How does a car insurance without a license work?

Licensed car insurance offers coverage that can be tailored to the needs of a small car driver. It is like the one that covers classic sedans. In addition, a small car owner can choose between comprehensive and third-party liability insurance. All he or she must do is provide a registration certificate or a car registration document when taking out the car insurance policy without a licence, provided the vehicle is registered. Generally, an insurance contract for a vehicle without a licence offers protection against theft, a guarantee against glass breakage and legal protection. If the automobile is modified to have a unique look, this customization can increase its value and may affect the type of insurance to be purchased. The third-party liability offered by the unlicensed car insurance contract compensates for material and personal injury caused to third parties. On the other hand, this cover cannot compensate the driver of a car without a licence. This driver is obliged to take out comprehensive insurance or choose additional offers if he or she wishes to be compensated.

How can I take out an insurance contract for a car without a licence online?

An owner of a small car is obliged to meet the conditions required at the time he is thinking of taking out an online policy. First, to find an insurance for a price, it is necessary to receive quotes and make a comparison. Then, the driver only must complete the form.

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