Quiet Electric Cars

The Quiet Car Company are based in Lymington in the South of England and has been set up as a direct result of the rising price of oil. They currently offer two electric cars, as well as a range of electric bikes and scooters. Quiet's two electric cars are imaginatively named "Quiet Car 1" and "Quiet Car 2" - we actually think these cars have alot to offer, but come on guys - you can do better on the names.

Quiet Car 1

The Quiet Car 1 is a small 2-seater electric car with lithium-ion batteries and a pretty good range and top speed. Quiet Cars reckon you can do around 100 miles at a cost of £1 (plugging into the mains), which certainly beats the average mpg of an ordinary car! Slight shame about the unimaginative names but could be a good UK-based electric car option.

Quiet Car 2

Another imaginatively named car from Quiet - the Quiet Car 2! This is the big brother (or sister) of the Quiet Car 1. Underneath the rubbish name lies one of the good options for those searching for a semi-affordable slightly bigger electric car. The think ox is considered to be the main competitor to the quiet car 2.

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