Quiet Car 2

Another imaginatively named car from Quiet - the Quiet Car 2! Underneath the weird name lies one of the good options for those searching for a semi-affordable slightly bigger electric car. The Quiet Car 2 is based on a conventionaly petrol car and is a 5 door hatchback making it ideal for city commutes, shopping, taking kids to the pool, etc. Quiet have taken the step of placing the electric motor actually within the rear hubs on this car, which supposedly give improved torque as well as the side effect of providing more space in the boot. The British made Quiet Car 2 is a combination of chinese technology and italian design offering a big brother to the Quiet Car 1 - a five-seat hatchback. The concept behind the Quiet Car 2 is the same as for the Quite Car 1, vehicles that don’t have noisy internal combustion engines and can instead travel along almost unnoticed, in fact, 'quietly'! Running costs are the same as for the 1, with an estimated 100 miles of driving for a tiny £1 being added to your electricity bill; and of course there are still the same exemptions which make electric vehicles financially attractive over and above the environmental benefits. Quiet Car 2 - Top Trumps Stats Manufacturer: Quiet Availability: Top Speed: 50 Acceleration: Range (max): 65

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