Quiet Car 1

Quiet Car 1 is a small 2-seater electric car with lithium-ion batteries as standard and a pretty good range and top speed. Quiet Cars reckon you can do around 100 miles at a cost of one pound (based on plugging it into the mains). Quiet Car 1 has electric windows, CD player etc and has the advantage of being so small that it's able to park anywhere anytime! The Quiet Car Company was set up in response to rising fuel prices across the UK, specifically when oil prices hit a record $146 a barrel in summer 2008. The company is based in Lymington, Hampshire and started out in the field of electric bicycles. It's first foray into the electric car market resulted in the Quiet Car 1 and Quiet Car 2, which were both launched at the British International Motor Show in 2008. The Quiet Car range, like all electric vehicles, replaces noise combustion engines with electric motors and battery packs, hence the origin of the names. The Quiet Car 1 has all the advantages of other electric vehicles, zero emission, exemption from vehicle excise duty and the London Congestion Charge. As it went straight to using lithium-ion batteries the Quiet Car also does not suffer many of the drawbacks of traditionally battery powered electric cars as it has a comparatively high top speed and an extended range. Something which Reva have now cottoned on to offering the ever popular G-Wiz L-ion now with a lithium-ion battery.   Quiet Car 1 - Top Trumps Stats Manufacturer: Quiet Availability: Top Speed: 45 Acceleration: Range (max): 60

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