How to choose a lawyer when losing a driving licence?

Withdrawal of a driving licence prevents an individual from driving a motor vehicle for a short or long period of time, depending on the nature of the offences and related penalties. For the recovery of his driver's licence, the driver has the choice of either waiting until the sanction is lifted or hiring the services of a lawyer specializing in road law. The second option is an excellent way to save your driver's licence.

Withdrawal of a driver's licence for alcohol

Drinking and driving is one of the offences that police officers do not tolerate in any way at roadside checks. Under the influence of alcohol, the driver may lose control of the car and cause serious or even fatal accidents. The penalty falls above a blood alcohol level of 0.80 g/l. If the excessive level is confirmed, the administrative suspension of the licence for 1 year applies immediately. In the event of an accident that endangers the life of others, a judicial suspension of the licence is required. It is in these situations that the intervention of a driving licence lawyer is indispensable. The professional defends his client by enforcing the law. The aim being to reduce or cancel the sanctions and thus allow the driver to recover his driving licence as soon as possible. Go to this site to find a competent and experienced road law lawyer.

Driver's license suspension problem

The suspension of a driving licence is defined as the withdrawal of a licence over a short or long period depending on the nature of the sanction pronounced by the prefect or a judge. The administrative suspension of the licence occurs following an excess of speed, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, refusal of the screening tests imposed during a road check, hit and run... The duration of the suspension is 6 months, except for the blood alcohol level at the wheel which is 1 year. Judicial suspension is pronounced by a judge when the driver's negligence causes harm to others, particularly following an accident. The driver is then deprived of his licence and unable to drive for a period of 3 to 5 years. It is important here to choose a road lawyer with proven experience in dealing with cases of administrative and judicial suspension of driving licences.

Cancellation of the driving licence

Cancellation of the driving licence results in the permanent invalidation of the document. This is not only a question of withdrawal of the driving licence. In concrete terms, the driver will have to retake the exams to obtain the licence if he still wants to drive a motor vehicle, and this after a waiting period of between 3 and 10 years. The cancellation of the driving license is decided by a judge and occurs in the event of a fatal accident or an accident causing the victim to be disabled or unable to work. Cancellation of a driving licence is a delicate case that does not allow for a white licence to be obtained. The intervention of a driving licence lawyer with positive experience in dealing with the cancellation of driving licences is, at this level, more than indispensable, especially for professional drivers who cannot do without driving.

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