G-Wiz L-ion

The G-Wiz L-ion was released in the UK in 2009. Reva are using the same retailer as they do for the G-WIz, GoinGreen. This is one of the first mainstream electric vehicle to be powered by Lithium-ion batteries a technology which significantly extends the charge and range of the car. The top speed is till the same as the G-Wiz but the range is extended to 75 miles – this is an improvement of almost double the 40 mile range of current G-Wiz models.


So, the main selling point is the new battery technology. Steve Hartridge, managing director of GoinGreen…… »The discharge behaviour of Lithium-ion batteries is a lot better than lead acid, so you more consistently achieve the projected range regardless of the speed at which you drive, » he said, adding that the new battery also performs better in colder temperatures compared to the previous model. »

The extended range means that GoinGreen say the car can now be used for 97% of all UK car journeys without the need for a recharge. The new car has been launched alongside a new fast-charge station that will allow drivers to recharge the battery to 90% capacity within an hour and full capacity within one-and-a-half hours. Using conventional charge points, the battery will take 6 hours to recharge, but require 20% less energy than previous models.

G-Wiz L-ion – Top Trumps Stats

Manufacturer: Reva Electric Car Company
Availability: Now
Top Speed: 51
Range (max): 75