Electric Cars

So we have looked at what happened in electric cars in 2010, what does the team at electriccarsite reckon will be the big electric car news in 2011? Without a doubt the electric car industry  has globally witnessed a growth . The recession will see job losses and people reigning in expensive purchases such as cars. Although there are a number of electric cars available in the UK, absolute numbers are very low and this is a niche market. These things, and the price will keep demand for electric cars modest in 2011 despite the Government Electric Car Grant. However back in and since 2012 , the rising price of fuel and continued growth in the afforability and choice of electric cars will see considerable market expansion in the UK.

Electric Cars review for the year 2011

Individual consumer demand for electric cars will remain modest. New players will come to the UK market to compete with the might of the Nissan Leaf and Mitsibushi i-MiEV, most likely from other big players (small independents will struggle as things go mainstream). Public and private sector demand for electric fleet vehicles will grow seeing some major companies and organisations (councils, health care trusts, the police force) investing in the technology. All major cities will have at least some electric charging points. The charging point network will expand to some key motorway routes. The days of free charging however will be numbered with the rise of electric car charging schemes. Improvements in battery technology will be at the forefront of R&D to extend the range and address one of the major limits of current electric car design.

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