Car rental between private individuals: your rental will be a success!

There are many leading agencies and online applications, like, that are champions of car rental between private individuals and leader of vintage car rental and collection car rental offers you a revisited experience of car rental. You can carefully select the private cars put online on the site to ensure you an irreproachable driving experience. This option may offer you a cheaper premium car rental by going directly to the passionate owners.

Your classic or premium car rental is fully insured!

A car rental agency takes the concept of private car hire one step further. It insures all rentals and includes a 2nd driver for each car rental made on the platform. This makes car rental between private individuals more fun and safer. With these applications renting a car has never been easier and cooler!

Find a cool car

Search for a car among our community of private and professional car owners all over France with the site's search engine. Found the car of your dreams? Booking is very simple: just make a rental request for the desired period and the desired number of kilometres. The owner will answer you within 48 hours and you will be able to confirm your reservation by paying online. There are no options or additional charges on the price displayed: the additional driver is free and insurance is included for all rentals.

Rent insured

By booking a rental car you benefit from the all-risk insurance for the entire duration of the rental (civil liability cover up to 100 million euros) as well as 24/7 assistance.

Why is it cool?

By renting a car you have access to sports, vintage and luxury car rental for a reasonable price, without a driver and without having to go through a counter. The car you book is the car you will be going away with on the weekend. At the end of the rental, you can evaluate the car and your rental experience. The owner will also leave a comment that will enrich your profile to make your next rentals easier. Our platform facilitates exchanges between enthusiasts; we want you to experience driving pleasure at the wheel of cool cars. If you are looking for a standard car, there are other sites that are very good for that.

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