Car registration documents and formalities

The car registration document or registration certificate is an indispensable document for all those who wish to acquire or own a motor vehicle. Thus, in the event of transfer, change of owner or in the face of possible modifications of information relating to the said vehicle, it is imperative to obtain the vehicle registration document online. Today, it is possible to make it on the internet. This new way of scaring people leads to questions about the procedure to follow. Questions that can easily be answered by looking at a few important points.

Points to remember about the car registration document

Even before applying for a vehicle registration document online, it is useful to know what type of means of transport, and therefore which person, must have a vehicle registration document. Thus, the first thing to know is that the law requires owners of motor vehicles to be registered and therefore to have a registration certificate. The following are concerned: 2 wheels, quads, tricycles, private cars, commercial and/or professional vehicles and agricultural vehicles. But what does this document contain? One can compare the car registration document to a registration card: the identity document of the vehicle. It contains information such as the owner's details, vehicle registration, technical specifications and important dates (registration, technical inspection, issue of the certificate).

Applying for a registration certificate on the Internet

There are many reasons for applying for a vehicle registration document, but they all have one common denominator: changes to be made to the document. These may be a change of owner, loss, change of address of the owner, or the state of the certificate (torn, no longer legible, etc.). For all these cases and for all other circumstances that may lead to a request for this paper, there is no need to go to the prefecture. There are now sites where all the procedures can be carried out online. Authorised platforms therefore offer road users with one of the vehicles concerned the advantage of carrying out all the operations relating to obtaining the paper remotely. As this option is relatively new, it is crucial to choose the right platform. It will first be necessary to see whether the site has the legal qualities required for this type of service. This information is normally indicated on the page. In addition to this information, the site should be able to correctly point out the steps to be taken before obtaining the car registration. This help may take the form of frequently asked questions, fact sheets, contact platforms or a combination of several of these means of collecting data. Having this type of support is even more important because the documents to be provided and the procedures for obtaining them may differ depending on the reasons for the request.

The advantages of applying on the internet

Then why are you doing my car registration online? First, because it is no longer possible to go to the prefecture as before. Indeed, the new tele-procedure policy for the Vehicle Registration System (VRS), has definitively closed the offices issuing official documents "manually". Therefore, turning to the dedicated platforms is the only solution to get your registration card. This offers many advantages. The first one being to avoid any displacement, which allows a consequent saving of time and energy. Wherever you are, as soon as you have a computer and an internet connection at hand, it will always be possible to start the appropriate procedures. Then, all the information you need is just a few clicks away. In a way, the online platforms can provide a personalised service with the necessary advice and instructions. Some websites also allow you to have an idea of the price you must pay for your car registration. Online establishments provide simulators that calculate the cost of the procedure. They even provide access to payment facilities.

The price of the application

Another parameter to be considered when applying for a car registration is to ensure the reliability and transparency of the site. The indicator that does not mislead is obtaining the price via simulators, for example. It is also possible, by choosing the right sign, to take advantage of car registration payment programs in several instalments. However, check whether this offer gives rise to additional costs; if so, it may not be interesting. Indeed, if sites ask for extras so that their customers can pay in 3 or 4 instalments, it may not be worthwhile.

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