Buying cars: why choose an automobile agent?

Buying a new car is not easy for everyone, given the many models and the multitude of existing engines. For several years now, car agents have been making a strong presence on this market with strong arguments, offering discounts of up to 40%! But the financial aspect is not their only argument, the relational aspect is at least as important.

Unbeatable prices

The price of a new car can quickly skyrocket depending on the make and options chosen. To buy a new car cheaply, it is better to use a car agent, with significant discounts often exceeding 20%. These very advantageous rates can be explained by the networks from which car agents benefit, which allow them to make bulk purchases in French dealerships, and also abroad (Germany, Spain, etc.), where car prices can be much more affordable than in France. Car agents also know how to take advantage of stocks and unsold cars, and are constantly on the lookout for good opportunities and new model releases. When they buy new cars in France or abroad, car agents have access to vehicles at prices that are already discounted. It is therefore not necessary for their customers to negotiate the already considerably lower price again, unlike buying from dealerships, where discounts depend on the goodwill of the sellers. To start your search for a new car at car agent prices, click here.

Personalized advice

While auto agents are excellent negotiators for buying new vehicles, they work independently and have no goals to achieve in the sale of new cars. This means that there are no makes or models to be favoured in the interests of the car agent. Above all, they listen to the customer to find the right vehicle, according to his criteria and at the best price, whatever the make or model. Thanks to imported vehicles, equipment can be more diversified and at the same price or less expensive than on the French market. The agent can thus buy over-equipped models abroad but sold at the same price as in France. The search for a vehicle can only be carried out on the agent's website, by selecting in advance the make, model and equipment desired. This internet search also allows you to check the seriousness of the car agent. To this end, there is the Caroom Label, which awards the "approved agent" certification to all agents recognised as reliable.

Additional guarantees and services

Contrary to some preconceived notions about auto agents and warranties, there is no reason to worry. Buying a new car from an agent has the same manufacturer's warranty as buying a new car from a dealer. The services offered are often even more important with an agent, with significant financing instalments, and the possibility of having the new vehicle delivered to your home. It is also possible to import models that are not yet marketed in France, or series and finishes that are not available on the French market. This is particularly the case for luxury models on the German market, which are generally only marketed in France several months later. A car agent can also obtain French-branded vehicles that are only intended for foreign markets, a guaranteed guarantee of originality.

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