Aptera Electric Cars

In terms of electric cars, Aptera is a company who are doing something quite different. They are going for the real 'concept design' unlike most other electric car companies, where the cars still look like cars. Accordingly things change with Aptera and the company had to go back to the drawing board after the 1e, which has now been superceeded by the 2e. Models are currently custom built to order and only available in California. However, these cars are pretty 'out there' in terms of electric vehicles and similar to the high fashion of Milan or Paris, it will be interesting to see what (if anything) filters through to the UK high street and more mainstream electric cars such as the G-Wiz or Quiet.

Apetra Type 1e

Aptera Typ-1 light The Aptera Typ-1e is a car which really pushes the design envelope for electric vehicles. It looks more like a futuristic space craft and due to the wheel layout and weight it is in fact registered as a motorcycle.

Apetra 2e

In Feb 2009 Aptera released details for the 2nd-gen 2e at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference in California. This builds on the work put into the Typ1e and the same rules apply. This is a seriously radical looking electric car.

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