Electric cars,

an ecological & and clever choice for the environment

Carpooling can be considered as an economic solution for your daily journey or for long occasional trips. Car clubs is more and more in vogue and allows to reduce spending.

Car manufacturers

What are the major missions of a car manufacturer? He is responsible for designing, manufacturing and marketing new cars. The car manufacturer delegates the development, the component supplies and systems to his workforce.

French car market

The French new-vehicle market has grown very slightly in recent years. The automobile market in France is also marked by a strong demand for new “premium”, low-cost and second-hand cars.

The electric car, an ecological choice!

Electric vehicle rental

Electric vehicles are shaping the future the automotive industry. Rental companies are also taking part in this evolution. Whether it’s a traditional or a P2P car rental like that offered by Get Around, this is definitely the new way to drive a rental car. This type of rental contributes to the protection of the environment and encourages drivers to move around without polluting. Another great asset is that electric vehicle batteries can be recharged in special parking places in most European countries.

Car design styling

Car design styling

There are different types of cars in the world depending on leisure, personal activities and work.

People can choose between saloon, station wagon, cabriolet, coupé, four-wheel drive etc.



Family car



Eco mobility

Eco-mobility also called sustainable mobility, is a planning and management policy for the territory and the city that promotes practical, low-pollution mobility that respects the living environment.

The electric car, the car of future generations

The electric car reduces CO2 emission using energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Electric cars have finally become a feasible alternative to gasoline cars thanks to recent advancements in battery and charging technology.

It requires little maintenance since its engine is much simpler than that of a combustion car (petrol, diesel or gas).

The hybrid car does not consume a lot of fuel which allows to save easily fuel.

The hybrid car combines thermal and electric power. This kind of car is not suitable for all uses but thanks to its exceptionally quiet operation and its automatic transmission that accelerates smoothly and without jerking.

Choosing a hybrid car means choosing a technology that is respectful of its environment.

the driver can select an all-electric or hybrid driving mode with a simple command and can enjoy an easy driving.

Car market

Sale, purchase and rental ...

Car selling and car buying constitute one of the most important business fields. Car production is carried out by a network of independent companies or an importer with the same type of network. France belongs to the countries that often change their cars.Buying a car has not always been easy. It is highly recommended to ask questions, read car reviews, make comparisons between different cars and read some consumers opinions.
Some people prefer long-term leasing to buying a new car which allow to keep your budget under control. The possibility of obtaining a vehicle without a down payment and without credit is one of the big advantages of car rental.


Eco driving is a citizen driving behaviour to reduce fuel consumption, limit the emission of greenhouse gases, responsible for global warming, and reduce the risk of accidents.