Everything you need to know before renting a car in England

Renting a car in England is highly recommended if you want to visit all the English cities of your choice. Read our tips to find out how. What type of rental car should I choose for England? The roads in England are in very good condition. You can therefore choose the category of your choice, […]

Car rental between private individuals at the airports of France

If, when you arrive at an airport, you want to rent a car without going through the traditional actors, you should know that there are applications and websites that offer you to find a car rental between private individuals such as for example the case of getaround.com. How does it work?¬† How to find a […]

The trending of car rental between private individuals

Car rental between individuals is in fashion today. Numerous start-ups are launching themselves into the sector. And https://uk.getaround.com/ is no exception. This car rental takes stock of the advantages and disadvantages of this new method of car hire. What does an owner gain from renting a car? It is true that it is tempting to […]

Earning money through renting your private car!

You have a car and you want to make the most of it while you’re away rather than letting it park? Based on the collaborative economy, car rental platforms between individuals have emerged. For its simplicity, https://uk.getaround.com is the example par excellence. Available in some fifty countries, including Montreal, for its low-cost parking space rental […]

How to check brake discs and brake pads?

Owning a car gives you a great deal of freedom and the possibility to move wherever you want. However, it is essential to take good care of your vehicle in order to drive safely. Here are a few tips to check the wear of your brake disc and pad. How to change them? We will […]

How to change an alternator in a car?

Alternator replacement is one of the car repairs that you can carry out yourself, without necessarily calling in a garage. Usually identified after an electronic diagnosis, it is an operation that is carried out in different stages. Passing the belt The alternator is a copper coil that surrounds a magnet and is used to give […]

How to check the operation of car light bulbs?

The safety and visibility of drivers depends in part on the bulbs. It is an indispensable element that keeps you away from various inconveniences. You should therefore check the function of the car bulbs on a regular basis. How do you do this? This article helps you to find out what to check, how to […]

What are the advantages of an online insurance?

Car insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles. Would you like to be insured immediately? Do you need competitively priced insurance? While you don’t have enough time to travel to different agencies. Take out your car insurance online. Car insurance obligations All drivers are subject to the same law, as all vehicles must be insured […]

Online driving Licence: The steps to follow

While in the past, simply applying for a driver’s license was a real ordeal for some people, as they had to stand in line for hours just to fill out a form, in today’s digital age, it’s easy. It is now possible to apply online on the ANTS website. ANTS or Agence Nationale des Tires […]