£7.2 Billion UK Electric Vehicle Market by 2014

Electric Car Market

According to a survey by GfK Automotive reported online , the UK motor industry is on line to receive a £7 billion boost from the electric car market between 2011 and 2014.

This is based, GfK state, on the fact that they surveyed the public and 1.8% of those surveyed would ‘definitely’ buy an electric car by 2014. This would take the number of electric vehicles to some 300,000 cars

A further 3% of respondents (500,000 of all car buyers) said they would ‘consider’ buying an electric car. The two main concerns cited however were battery life and the purchase price.

Interestingly, based on this GfK, predict 1 in 20 UK car purchased by 2014 will be an electric car. Undoubtedly the difference between answering a survey and actually buying an electric car is considerable and it would be interesting to know what this survey was based on.